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  • Primare A35.2
    A35.2 – power amplifier A35.2 is a powerful balanced input stereo amplifier, utilising our UFPD 2 amplficiation technology to deliver...
  • Primare A35.8
    A35.8 – eight channel, fully bridgeable, balanced input amplifier The A35.8 is Primare’s most powerful and flexible multi-channel amplifier, designed...
  • Primare CD 35 Prisma
    CD35 Prisma – CD and network player CD35 Prisma is an award winning complete digital music media player, providing superior...
  • Primare I 15
    I15 – integrated amplifier I15 is an all analog integrated amplifier, featuring 60 watts of power per channel, and the...
  • Primare I 15 MM
    I15 MM – integrated amplifier and MM phono stage I15 MM is an all analog integrated amplifier, featuring 60 watts...
  • Primare R15 – MM/MC
    R15 – MM/MC phono preamplifier R15 is a award winning compact MM/MC phono preamplifier, providing the ideal interface between the...
  • Primare R35
    R35 – MM/MC phono preamplifier R35 is our most sophisticated and capable MM/MC phono preamplifier, providing the ideal interface between...
  • Primare SPA25 Prisma
    SPA25 Prisma Home Cinema Integrated Amplifier The SPA25 Prisma is a multi-channel integrated amplifier and processor designed for both cinephile...
  • Prisma PRE35
    PRE35 – modular preamplifier PRE35 modular preamplifier features dual XLR inputs and outputs, fully balanced analog preamplification circuitry, and modular...
  • Prisma PRE35 PRISMA
    PRE35 Prisma – modular preamplifier and network player PRE35 Prisma combines the DM35 digital to analog conversion and SM35 Prisma...
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