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  • Feliks Audio Envy (Performance Edition)
    Class A Single-ended transformer coupled, balanced amplifier, powered by the legendary 300B tubes   Developed to drive even the most...
  • Linn Klimax LP12
    Klimax LP12 The original and With new Klimax LP12, you’ll experience your favourite albums – both cherished classics and...
  • Linn Majik 140 Passive
    Majik 140 A floorstander with the power to move you A full-range yet compact floorstanding speaker, Majik 140 will bring...
  • Linn Majik LP12 MM / MC
    Your first choice Choose Majik LP12 MM, featuring our high-performance Adikt MM cartridge; or opt for your very first upgrade right...
  • Linn Selekt LP12
    Selekt LP12 The audiophile's dream Selekt LP12 follows in the footsteps of its digital cousin – Selekt DSM – both...
  • Q Acoustics 5010
    Small enough to keep a low profile, but with sound big and accomplished enough to draw attention to itself. If...
  • Q Acoustics 5020
    Experience all the scale and power of your favourite music without letting your loudspeaker dominate your room. The 5020 standmounting...
  • Q Acoustics 5040
    5040 is a notably compact floorstander with a modest footprint - which means it’s ideal for those environments where space...
  • Q Acoustics 5050 – Now available at L’Audiophile!
    Where sheer scale, widescreen sound-staging and complete audio-fidelity are concerned, the 5050 outperforms its nominal competition with ease. If you...
  • Q Acoustics 5090
    Designed to project dialogue ahead of even the most full-on Hollywood action movie soundtrack, and to deliver all the subtlety...
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