Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO


Debut Carbon EVO

Time for Evolution. We have taken our most popular
turntable design and improved every aspect of it.
The result is an incredibly refined product.

Refined in every aspect.


Improved motor suspension

The Debut Carbon EVO features our new designed motor suspension. We have improved the old design to consistently reduce the vibrations better than before.

Metal Feet

Damped & height adjustable

The new Debut Carbon Evo stands on three height adjustable damped aluminium feet to guarantee the perfect stand.

1,7 kg Platter

Heavy steel and TPE damped

We added a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) ring on the inside of the platter. The result is an even quieter and noiseless operation with less wow and flutter.

33/45/78 RPM

High precision motor control

The rocker switch on the bottom of the turntable allows you to change speeds with the push of only a single button.

The Evolution

The Debut Carbon EVO focuses on the core aspects that make a turntable sound great. Technically correct design – expert craftsmanship – handmade in the EU. This turntable is built to last you a lifetime!

Redesigned motor suspension

We used our technology and experience gained from the past and fit damping techniques of highend turntables into the Debut Carbon EVO. Looking at more advanced TPE damping and highmass sandwich constructions we were able to come up with a new motor and suspension solution for the Debut Carbon EVO.

Anytime the perfect stand

Our new Debut Carbon EVO does not just look great – it also always stands perfectly level. It uses 3 height adjustable heavy-duty metal feet to ensure a level positioning on every surface.

Controlled playback speeds

Besides being able to effortlessly change replay speeds with the push of a button, the playback speed is electronically controlled with the utmost precision, which results in the most accurate and stable speeds.


Our previous metal platter was already heavier than anybody else‘s on the market, but metal platters inherently have a disadvantage: resonance.

Our TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) technology now helps to damp the resonance completely and also increases the weight to 1,7 kg. Because the TPE is mounted to the inside of the platter‘s rim, the moving energy will also create a flywheel effect. The result is an even quieter and noiseless operation with less wow and flutter.


You wont find any button, switch or printing on the plinth to ensure the luxurious aesthetics. The speed control switch has been moved to the bottom of the plinth, to keep the clean look the Debut is known for.

The Debut Carbon EVO is not only timeless by offering traditional high-gloss black, white and red finishes or our fabled real-wood walnut veneer. Completely new, unique and trend-setting are the beautifully realized satin signature finishes in 5 different variations.

From the record to your amplifier.

Ortofon 2M Red

Moving-Magnet Cartridge

2M Red is an all-purpose cartridge that delivers open, dynamic sound with a slight touch of warmth. (*US Version comes with Sumiko Rainier)

The Tonearm

8,6 inch carbon

The new Debut Carbon EVO features the proven 8,6‘‘ one piece Carbon tonearm design. The super stiff, but lightweight tonearm delivers an insane sound quality with a convincing sound stage.


Gold plated sockets

You can always change your RCA output cable and upgrade it with your preffered one. The gold plated connectors will always provide the best connection.

Phono Cable

Semi-balanced RCA cable

To guarantee a perfect connection to your amp you will find a high-quality phono RCA cable in the box. Our Connect it E is a semi-balanced, low-capacitance cable, with superior shielding.

Choose your finish.


Real Wood

Technical Specifications

Nominal speeds 33/45 r.p.m.. *** 78 r.p.m. optional
Speed variance 33: ±0.50% 45: ±0.60%
Wow and flutter 33: ±0.17% 45: ±0.15%
Signal to noise 68dB
Effective tonearm mass 6g
Effective tonearm length 8.6 ” ( 218.5 mm)
Overhang 18,5 mm
Power consumption 4 W/ 0 W in Stand-By
Outboard power supply 15V / 0 – 0.8 mA DC (set at 0.5 mA), universal power supply
Dimensions (W x H x D) 415 x 118 x 320 mm, dust cover open 415 x 365 x 405mm
Weight 5,6 kg
Dimensions packaging (W x H x D) 488 x 235 x 393 mm
Weight incl. packaging 8.0kg
MM-Cartridge Ortofon 2M Red:
Frequency range 20-22.000Hz
Channel separation 22dB/1kHz
Output voltage 5.5mV
Recommended load impedance 47kohms/amplifier connection – MM-input
Compliance/stylus type 20µm/mN – elliptical
Recommended tracking force 17.5mN
Weight 7.2g



Staggeringly good!

UK, 10.2020

… impressive bass response. The Debut has improved considerably in this regard over the years and the Carbon EVO is the best manifestation yet.

… this is some of the best analogue bass you can currently get your hands on for under £500 and it puts the Pro-Ject above many equivalently priced rivals.

… it involves and demands your attention in a way that is fairly unusual for such a relatively affordable design.

… a turntable that is staggeringly competent …

… provides a performance that is easy equal of any remotely price equivalent rival…


Ed Selley

Right up there at the top

UK, 10.2020

… there was a sense of perfect balance to the sound.

What I loved straight away however was the detail… and the separation.

… we‘re talking high-quality analog here.

Superb straight away – and immediately musically engaging.

… again the Debut showed it could deliver this track beautifully in true and best analogue fashion.

Pro-Ject‘s Debut Carbon EVO turntable is a fine starter package, with assured performance. By this I mean no weak spots…


Noel Keywood

Everything about it says it has reached maturity

UK, 10.2020

… gorgeous finish of its new satin colourways.

… room is bathed in its rich, full bodied tone.

… a magnificently plush midrange…

… so much warmth and … plenty of weight in the bass.

It is also partnered with a great deal of detail and texture.


What HiFi

This little sucker cooks

U.K., 11.2020

This EVO has enough élan to exorcise any snobbery.

… found this turntable to be the budget-constrained perfect-pitchfanatic’s dream deck.

the Debut Carbon EVO is greater than the sum of its parts.

… giving you a made-in-Europe turntable/arm/cartridge with pedigree and performance sofar beyond its market category as to embarrass the rest.

Whoever combined and ‘voiced’ the three elements of turntable, tonearm and cartridge has displayed system-assembly genius.

… the resultant sound was in-the-room/in-your-face, as-real-as-you-need presence. And that’s magic.


Ken Kessler

“It’s everything we love about the Debut, but just a little more grown-up”

UK, 10.2020

• For a turntable in the under $500 (£450) bracket, it’s an impressive offering that stands up to anything else on the market.



Marc Henshall

The Pro-Ject is still a big, confident sounding turntable

U.K., 11.2020

… the sheen finishes really do look very contemporary …

… this is a seriously quiet turntable.

…the Carbon EVO is in a different league.

The biggest gains are in the soundstage and bass.

… the Pro-Ject hits harder and goes deeper.

… this is a turntable that tends to flow through music

… the tonality of the Carbon EVO is very good

Visit the SIte


Ed Selley

“Delighted with the performance out of the box“

UK, 10.2022

• It‘s hard to argue that the trio looks fantastic.

• The Carbon Evo is superbly made, isolated from the outside world in a way that most affordable turntables simply aren’t and it’s a breeze to setup.

• The Maia is sturdy and attractive – superbly made.

• The Carbon Evo delivers – vinyl here is a Hi-Fi one.

• It effortlessly fills my listening space

• The Maia is a potent, rhythmically assured and usefully spacious-sounding amp that does a very neat trick of balancing excitement and energy.

• I watched a week of TV through the Pro-Ject and I enjoyed all of it.

• The Speaker Box 5 S2 is an unreasonably good speaker. There’s a fundamental ‘rightness’ to the way it makes music

• What the Pro-Ject System does so well is give you the integration, flexibility, and convenience of an all-in-one but in a manner that is entirely Pro-Ject and tremendously appealing as a result.

• This is more great affordable Hi-Fi but done in a way that is brilliantly user-friendly. It’s hard to see the result as anything other than a Best Buy.



Ed Selley

…majors on all the most important aspects of vinyl LP – passion, emotion and fun.

U.K., 10.2020

• …has a lush midband that‘s warm without being woolly.

• …this gutsy deck revelled in supplying a joyous amount of bottom end.

• The sense of separation was nothing short of breathtaking…

• …a soundstage that easily reached beyond my speakers…

• Pro-Ject‘s Debut Carbon EVO sounds closer to a mid-level turntable than a super-budget one – and that‘s its genius. A self-assured sound with no nasties, allied to an easy-going yet engaging personality will win it many fans.



Jay Garrett

It‘s a winner


• With the EVO you were there.

• The EVO added new sonic dimensions of realism.

• The EVO offered a better balance of bass tones. 

• The EVO had a better take on midrange detail offering the ear an extended dynamic reach.

• The result was a greater tonal realism that you don‘t hear on a lower cost turntable. 

• The soundstage of the EVO was more open and airy. 

• I actually felt the EVO produced a better balance overall.

• The EVO rocked – and rocked efficiently – but also with plenty of emotion.

• If you‘re looking for a turntable up to and including £500 the first name on your list should be a Pro-Ject Debut EVO.

• The EVO deserves to completely dominate the sub-£500 market for turntables.



Paul Rigby

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end: Impressive

USA, 12.2020

The phono cable is one of the nicest I’ve seen in an entry-level turntable; it would do justice to a model costing twice as much.

the EVO did a fine job of reproducing all of this, imaging with precision and an easy, engaging sound.

The Evo seemed to add or subtract nothing from the sound – quite a compliment for an entry-level model.

with the EVO, I got the sense of just how large was Columbia’s 30th Street Studio…

Its combination of absolute ease of setup, rock-steady platter speeds, amazing tonearm, and its overall look comprise a package that’s an incredible bargain… Its low price belies the high quality of its engineering and construction. It’s a winner.



Thom Moon

“Highly recommended”

U.S.A., 02.2021

  The shielded, directional phono cable included in the box appears far more substantial than the no-frills RCA interconnect usual at this price point.

  The Pro-Ject promises good sound while asking for very little in return: not much of your space, not much of your money, not much fuss. There‘s something kind of Zen about that.

  The single sounded dynamically expressive, propulsive, and juicy, just begging to be turned up. 

  The EVO rendered it delightfully big.

  The EVO can produce a wide and tall soundstage.

  Ultimately, what this record player demonstrated – clearly – is the all-important distinction between sound and music. 

  If there‘s a design parameter more crucial than a hi-fi component‘s ability to hold our attention and enable us to feel things, I don‘t know what it is. The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO does this consistently, emphatically, at an attainable price.



Alex Halberstadt

To my ears, this is the one to beat

U.S.A., 06.2021

  What impressed me the most was the easy setup. The Debut Carbon EVO took me under ten minutes to set up, and everything felt dialed-in and ready to go almost immediately.

  Pro-Ject did a fantastic job of making the steps as simple and straight-forward as possible. 

  The presentation was just right on the Debut Carbon EVO.

  I was impressed by the Debut Carbon EVO’s ability to sound natural and dead-center on the beat.

  The Debut Carbon EVO did an admirable job of keeping up, never slipping when the full band came back in.

  The funk factor was powerful through the Debut Carbon EVO. The deck did a great job of keeping that tight, steady beat in tune.

  Midrange, particularly the trombones, sounded tight, and sparkled.

  The soundstage had solid depth to it.

  The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO sounded terrific, and for a while there I was totally content with a turntable that costs a fifth of my main deck. Pro-Ject makes great-sounding gear at reasonable prices. The Debut Carbon EVO is no exception, and I can easily recommend it to anyone looking for an entry-level turntable that’ll perform for years to come. 




Drew Kalbach

A treat to look at and play

U.K., 02.2021

  The warm, detail-rich sound was easily among the best we heard while testing.

  It’s very easy to set up straight from the box and is already fitted with a cartridge, usually seen on more expensive turntables. 

  The Pro-Ject’s understated good looks seal the deal. A minimalist masterpiece with no buttons at all on show.

  The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO gets top marks for its fantastic sound quality and stylish looks.



Siobhan Grogan

This is a fantastic turntable that will last vinyl-loving audiophiles a lifetime

U.S.A. , 10.2020

• It sounds like it costs twice its price tag…

• …together the improvements offer one of the clearest, most live-feeling analog listening experiences you’ll find without spending thousands more. I’d go so far as to say that this is the nicest turntable you’ll ever need…

• The Debut Carbon Evo is not only the best sub-$1,000 turntable I’ve ever heard, but it’s also one of the most musical turntables.

• The Debut Carbon Evo brings the feeling I chase as a musician who loves listening to music





Parker Hall

Vogue Top Holiday Tech Gifts

USA, 11.2020

• The sharp, minimalist shape and primary color palette reminiscent of the Bauhaus make this turntable an instant winner for the vinyl-lover on your list.


Madeline Swanson

Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon EVO is designed for audiophiles from the bottom up

USA, 10.2020

• We’ve tested the sharp-looking table out for ourselves, and the result of this engineering is evident from the first time its needle hits an album. 

• it continually delivers excellent sound while avoiding pitfalls.

• … we can’t recommend Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon EVO highly enough.



“The Best Turntable”

U.S.A., 06.2021

  The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO has replaced the Denon DP-400 as our top pick.

  We recommend the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO because it includes all of the qualities required to create the most enjoyable listening experience. 

  The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO offered the best sound of all the turntables we’ve tested, pairing tight, precise bass with a wide soundstage and great sonic detail in the midrange and treble.

  It is easy to set up thanks to an included pictorial guide that shows you everything you need to do.

  The build quality is superb.




Chris Heinonen

It has all the warmth and weight the vinyl format is famous for…

U.S.A., 10.2020

• The Pro-Ject is a wildly detailed listen – even the barely-there transient details are picked up on and handed over.

• …allows every record to sound coherent and convincing.

• The finish is flawlessly smooth and as reassuring as the build quality.

• …this Pro-Ject glides along with the sort of casual authority of sound that can only come from a well-sorted record player.

• But if you value a smooth, informative ride from a beautifully engineered and nice-looking record player, don’t spend any money until you’ve heard the Debut Carbon Evo.


Simon Lucas

There wasn‘t much that could be improved on the previous Debut Carbon

DE, 12.2020

You will hardly find a better turntable for the price – especially not one that is more thought-out and consequently made.

These savvy debuts have a touch of the professional!

The optimization of the platter, feet, and motor suspension for the EVO version plus the increase in comfort emphatically underline the affordable and audiophile-oriented Pro-Ject‘s claim to the title “Best in class“.


Matthias Böde

Pro-Ject has improved on its Debut Carbon Evo in exactly the right way

DE, 12.2020

With the Debut Carbon Evo, Pro-Ject reached a new evolutionary stage with its inexpensive turntables. A hot tip not only for vinyl beginners.

There was real life in the music because the Austrian deck turned out to be a real energetic bundle.

For me, the Debut Carbon EVO is one of the best turntables in its price range.



Lothar Brandt

The Superhero

Germany, 01.2021

• Even today, such delicacies are not found in this price range.

• The Debut Carbon EVO is no longer entry-level – it competes in a higher league.

• This is where everything that makes records fascinating comes together.

• There‘s the smooth delivery, the elegance of analog sound: A beautiful depiction of contours, here is a sculpture between the speakers.

• The bass is tight, nothing flabby, chiseled accuracy throughout.

• You can hear the superiority of analog reproduction.


Andreas Günther

One of the best turntables in this price range

Germany, 11.2020

 … very precise motor control …

• … the deck‘s entire craftsmanship is exceptional.

• The motor is practically inaudible … The turntable is phenomenally smooth-running.

• Its sound can be summed up by one word: breathtaking

• … the turntable‘s bass character has a wonderful warmth and a pleasant underlying might. The mids are clear and polished …

• … we were thrilled by the deck‘s weighty and calm yet highly detailed performance.

• we currently can‘t imagine a better analog sound experience for 500€


Thomas Kirsche

The Debut Carbon Evo excited me downright with its drive

DE, 10.2020

The optically so simple Debut EVO plays like a master: authentic voice- reproduction, rich bass, very robust and dynamic brass section, and grand spaciousness.

I can‘t remember hearing this disc with a turntable under 1,000 euros (and that includes CD players under 1,000 euros…) better, more energetic, more joyful, and more thrilling.

… the Debut Carbon EVO is a superb offer. There is a large selection of turntables for around 500 euros, but hardly any serious competition for the Debut Carbon EVO.



Andreas Günther


Germany, 02.2021

  Somehow, the Austrians manage to put together a combination of cartridge, tonearm and drive that simply sounds breathtaking.

  From the first note, we are directly in the music.

  The instruments, the voice, everything seems so alive and lifelike. The bass, drums, saxophone, or piano remain perfectly positioned in the room.

  Given the price, it‘s almost too good to be true.



Thomas Kirsche

Really grown-up record player

Germany, 11.2020

• … the motor runs barely audible 

• … this guy has decent bass extension.

• Voices are reproduced delicately nuanced …

• At levels well above room volume, the new Pro-Ject shines with very clean, spatially focused playback…

• The Debut Carbon EVO delivers first-class performance


Lothar Brandt

Performance for experienced music lovers

FR, 11.2020

The lower octaves of the orchestra remain perfectly audible, presenting and demonstrating a subtle art of articulation. The upper registers never sounded sharp or irritating, but rather contributed to the nice general clarity, that adds to the precise, deeply graduated sound stage with ease.

It is better to appreciate the overall balance, the feeling of serenity and natural breathing, which obviously does not exclude the tone and enthusiasm.


Pro-Ject improves on its copy even more

FR 12.2020

Detailed, crisp, and lively, with a knack to breathe life into mundane recordings.

The Debut Carbon EVO does not fall into our traps – on the contrary: It reproduces the entire spectrum of musical information – purely.

The debut Carbon EVO doesn’t try to water down the music or be over-analytical. It respects the nuances and modulations with unlimited musicality. That makes this turntable a complete success. The challenge of the next million has been accepted!


Vincent Cousin

“The Debut Carbon EVO is a pleasure”

Denmark, 02.2023

• The Debut Carbon EVO is an obvious choice whether you’re upgrading your turntable or starting your vinyl collection. It’s easy to use, looks good, and sounds great.


Kristoffer W. Hamborg

The turntable with much higher performance than price

Croatia, 04.2021

  My impression was a clean, strong, and direct reproduction. 

  The Debut Carbon EVO offered great detail, space, and a good rocking atmosphere with plenty of bass.

  That’s where Pro-Ject showed that it is capable of retrieving many details out of the groove with finesse. Musicians were placed accurately in their space. 

  It played all kinds of genres with ease offering loads of dynamics, quality timbre, and an emotional quality usually reserved by much more expensive decks.

  Big orchestral material played with authority with very accurate placement.

  The Debut Carbon EVO cements its position in the market by doing a great job. It became somewhat of a little king among the simple, affordable turntables whose performance is miles away from its price.


Gordan Gaži

“The New Reference”

Greece, 03.2021

  We might seem too enthusiastic about a player in this price range, but the truth is that for the asking price, the Debut Carbon EVO does it all so well that it is hard not to admire the merit of the Austrian company.

  Pro-Ject includes a well-written manual and also a well-designed guide for the initial setup, something that we rarely find at this price point.

  The Carbon EVO exudes respectable austerity. There is great pleasure in interacting with it. 

  The Carbon EVO proved to be a very quiet source, which offers a very dark background, that highlights the dynamic profile of a quality album, with good contrast and highly detailed reproduction.

  The system has well-controlled, articulate, and detailed bass, without overemphasis.Rhythm sections were performed with a good sense of timing, good speed, and volume, avoiding any exaggeration.

  The mids of the Carbon EVO sounded very clear,

  The Carbon EVO had a good range, a sense of transparency and speed while at the same time being soft and relaxed, with a slightly dark character, which rules out any possibility of roughness. 

  This is a display of strength: with its construction quality and sonic characteristicsit‘s the new reference in this price category. With specs like these, it is highly recommended!




Dimitris Stamatakos

The best turntable

RUS, 04.2021

• Even by the strictest standards, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO has no apparent flaws and is easily recommended for both entry-level hi-fi systems and expensive kits alike.

• The turntable itself has good upgrade potential – you can change the platter or cartridge to improve its sound quality in the future.

• I haven‘t been following the progression of Pro-Ject‘s Debut series ever since I owned the Debut Mk III 20 years ago. I must admit that it is now a completely different, higher-class unit. And at the same time, its price has remained affordable for most music lovers. Great job Pro-Ject!




Michael Borzenkov

“I bought the reviewing sample as it was clearly the new champ to ‘beat’”

Greece, 01.2021

  the new Debut Carbon EVO is the most affordable truly audiophile analog source

  It has a kind of seductive, organic richness and woodiness, that we never were aware it was hidden inside the Ortofon 2M Red moving magnet – not until now. 

  it presents a real challenge up to the 1.5k€ class of analog titans.

  The sound was very holographic, involving, and rich.

  the newest Pro-Ject’s creation outperformed tonally and once again emotionally – dare I say – pricier, older, and higher up the rank offerings.

  unsurpassed soundstage transparency and dimensionality.

  Right from the beginning, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO was far better: more emotional and weighty, more living-and-breathing, more detailed, more dynamic, more spacious. Also much more engaging and resolute without any distraction of harshness.

  for the first time, I could hear all the backing vocals transparent and clear like never before achieved from an under 1.5k€ turntable & tonearm combo.

  …with the Debut Carbon EVO winning clearly. It achieved a phenomenal physical impact for its category, truthful tonal colors, and soundstage height.

  floating sound, big soundstage, extreme attention to delivering a deep emotional connection with the music.

  There is no doubt that the entire performance of the Debut Carbon EVO model escalates to new levels of richness, realism, and detail retrieval, entering ‘restricted’ audiophile ground territory.

  Probably it’s the peak – bonus – prize of Pro-Ject’s decades-lasting honesty and respect towards vinyl and audiophiles.



Demos Dravopoulos

The result exceeded all expectations

Russia, 11.2020

  What I especially liked was the full, rich-sounding midrange. There was no trace of lightness and lack of foundation inherent in some players of a similar class.

  The turntable drive is absolutely silent. No mechanical rumble reaches the speakers.

  There is extremely convincing bass, lively, not monotonous – double bass, big drums have recognizable timbre and texture.

  The player accurately conveys the rhythmic pattern.

  In addition to the deep, well-structured bass, we perceived a powerful drive in the lower mids and a surprisingly clear, transparent topend.



Nikolay Efremov