VIVID GIYA G2 Series 2



Specifications Vivid Audio GIYA G2 Series 2
Configuration 4-way 5 driver system
Cabinet material Glass reinforced balsa cored sandwich composite, carbon fibre base
Cabinet colour Piano Black, Pearl White, Oyster Matte
Bespoke colour Any PPG automotive colour available on request
Drive units HF: D26 – 26 mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading
Mid: D50 – 50 mm metal dome unit with Tapered Tube loading
Lower-mid: C125s, 125 mm alloy cone unit with Tapered Tube loading
Bass: C175 – 2 x 175 mm metal coned unit with short-coil long-gap motor design
Bass loading Exponentially Tapered Tube enhanced bass reflex
Sensitivity 89 dB @ 2.83 VRMS at 1m on axis
Nominal impedacnce (Ω) 6 nominal, 4 minimum, low reactance
Frequency range (Hz) -6 dB points: 29 – 36.000 Hz
First D26 Break Up mode: 44.000 Hz
Frequency response 33 – 33.000 Hz +/- 2 dB on reference
Harmonic distortion
(2nd and 3rd harmonics)
< 0,5% over frequency range
Cross over frequencies (Hz) 220 – 880 – 3.500
Power handling (music programm) watts rms 800
Loudspeaker dimensions 1.383mm (H) x 360mm (W) x 638mm (D)
Net weight 48 kg


The similarities between the GIYA G2 and the larger models extend beyond the merely aesthetic. The G2 incorporates much of the same technology, too, including our new metal-dome D26 tweeter and D50 mid-driver, both with our patented Tapered Tube loading. Lower-mid frequencies are deftly handled by our C125S driver, with the evergreen C175 taking care of the bass. The result is huge, natural, transparent sound that faithfully delivers every detail, without ever becoming fatiguing.


The GIYA G2 follows the same design as the larger G1 and G1 Spirit – and for exactly the same reasons. The enclosure’s radical shape is designed to eliminate resonance and reflection, which colour and cloud the music. A major source of resonance in any loudspeaker is the back of the bass unit. The conventional solution is to fill the reflex box with stuffing, which has an appealing simple logic to it. But while this works moderately well in reducing the effects of higher-frequency acoustic resonances, it also compromises the port output, so you lose weight, punch and articulation in the bass. Like all GIYA loudspeakers, the G2 has a reflex box that terminates in an exponentially tapered horn. As well as annihilating resonances, this has the double advantage of giving you the full port output: every note comes through with perfect clarity. It’s this absorber horn, curving over the top of the enclosure, that gives the G2 its unique profile and uncluttered, addictive bass performance.


Many loudspeaker manufacturers have a ‘signature sound’; a particular quality to the reproduction that, as a listener, you can tune into and recognise. Which is understandable from a marketing and brand perspective. But musically, the last thing you want is your loudspeakers adding colours, textures and tones that weren’t in the original performance. You want them to bring you the music with absolute accuracy; unfiltered, uncoloured and transparent, with every note and breath clearly articulated. Which is exactly what the GIYA G2 is designed to do. So don’t try listening out for ‘the Vivid Audio sound’, because there isn’t one. Just sit back and enjoy your favourite music exactly as the artist wanted you to.