Dark Star Reference is a double chassis belt-driven design with an outboard fully decoupled AC-synchronous motor. The bottom reference base chassis is stabilized by 4 adjustable feet and used as a platform for the Dark Star chassis and motor. Dark Star Reference comes in a black 30mm POM chassis, a black 30mm POM base, black 60mm POM platter equipped with a 9-inch tone arm board. The all-matte black surfaces gives it that stealthy ‘dark mode’ look and the double chassis provides better isolation.

Standard package includes the Konstant Eins power supply and record weight (Black 570 gram). Optional: Rega RB330 Tonearm,  Power Supply upgrade to Konstant Studio Power or M1 reference or the FMD power supply for better speed control.

Single 9-inch Tonearm only

Standard equipment / features:

  • Double Chassis POM, 30 mm
  • Platter POM, black, 60 mm
  • Rega RB 330 Tonearm (optional)
  • Record Clamp Black (570 Gram)
  • Konstant Eins Power Supply

Size and weight:

46cm W x 34 cm D x 22cm H, 30kg

Upgrade and Accessories:

  • Konstant Studio
  • Konstant M1 Reference
  • Konstant FMD
  • Second tone arm base (9 or 12 inches) (Rega, Sorane, SME, Reed, etc…)
  • Record Brush with Stand


Other equipment suggestions

1: DARK STAR REFERENCE mit RB 880, Transrotor Uccello und Konstant EINS 6.045,– EUR
3: DARK STAR REFERENCE mit TRA STUDIO (TRA 9S), MC Merlo und Konstant EINS 9.185,– EUR
3: DARK STAR REFERENCE mit TRA 9 schwarz, MC Figaro und Konstant STUDIO 12.638,– EUR




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