ESTELON Extreme MKII/Limited Edition




“The sound that I heard /…/ suggests that these speakers are among the best”
Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound

By elevating the act of listening to new heights, Estelon delivers an audio experience like no other. At the forefront of this sound revolution is our signature speaker – Extreme. The system comprises an upper and a lower module, with the former fully adjustable to best suit a room’s acoustic attributes and the listener’s personal preferences.

With its soaring, handcrafted cabinet and sleek two-tone finish, the speaker system is a statement piece, but one that doesn’t need to shout about its achievements. Indeed, the Extreme has been designed to perform a smart disappearing act when in use: instead of having your ear drawn to the speaker, the listener is immersed in sound, experiencing music afresh in all of its nuanced splendor.

  • The Extreme Mk II model is constructed with two modules (upper and lower). The upper module can be adjusted in the range of 300mm in height. To make the positioning process more convenient we set nine different steps in this range, so the top module of the speakers can be moved up or down.

    For this process, both speakers are connected to a controller box and the height of both speakers can be changed simultaneously with the dedicated remote control. This adjustment process is crucial in setting up the loudspeakers. The upper module has a curved front panel. Combined with the Cell concept drivers, the time alignment in the listening position is preserved. The motion of the upper module follows a curved trajectory, helping to maintain focus on the desired height

  • Fine tuning the tweeter position.

    To fine-tune the focus in the listening point, there is a possibility to adjust the tweeter position. The adjustment of the tweeter can be operated from the remote control. A proprietary precise movement mechanism allows the adjustment of the tweeter depth in the cabinet. In addition, the mechanism assembly decouples the tweeter from the cabinet to decrease vibration effects. To reduce diffraction effects from the cabinet when moving the tweeter, there is a foam ring that is covered with suede around the driver.

  • The Extreme Mk II uses of our latest development in connectors. Its custom connectors are built into the bottom of the loudspeaker. Instead of the typical binding posts which have screw-like construction, our new connectors are built like clamps. The construction resembles that of piano keys which are spring-loaded to hold the speaker cable attached. Under the spring-loaded key, there is a high-grade copper foil ribbon that is routed straight to the crossover above. All unnecessary metal-to-metal transitions are eliminated. There are no large dimension conductors that would enable degrading effects of circulating currents. Around the whole connector assembly, there are no metal parts and no dielectrics that would smear the sound. Only natural wood and pressed particle board are used for their dissipative and damping qualities. The result is purer, more airy and more articulated microdynamics from bass to highs.


  • TYPE

    4-way passive loudspeaker, bass reflex


    Woofer: 2 x 250 mm (11″) CELL aluminium sandwich from Accuton (custom design)
    Mid-woofer: 250 mm (11″) CELL aluminium sandwich from Accuton (custom design)
    Midrange: 168 mm (7″) CELL ceramic membrane from Accuton
    Tweeter: 25 mm (1″) CELL diamond from Accuton


    25 – 60 000 Hz


    500 W


    3 Ω (min 2.0 Ω at 95 Hz)


    91 dB / 2,83 V


    20 W


    Marble based composite


    Height: 1770 mm – 2070 mm (69.7″ – 81.5″) / adjustable
    Width: 690 mm (27.2″)
    Depth: 820 mm (33.3″)

    Net weight: 250 kg (551 lbs) per piece






An exhilarating audio experience.

Following the success of our Rolls-Royce-inspired Extreme Legacy Edition, we have applied the same acute levels of attention to our passive series to create the Estelon Extreme Limited Edition.
A bespoke variant of our eye-catching Extreme speaker system, the Extreme Limited Edition boasts all of the technological and design advantages of our flagship model, with a heightened sensibility to detailing that is found in only the finest of luxury products.

Standing at up to two meters in height and capable of adjusting to the exact dimensions of its environment, the Extreme Limited Edition combines sculptural elegance with a quality and authenticity of performance that is second to none.
The Limited Edition is finished in Dark Silver metallic paint and features hand-polished stainless-steel rims, which encircle each of the system’s drivers. Produced in strictly limited numbers, each speaker is personally signed by Estelon’s founder and Chief Designer Alfred Vassilkov, pinpointing the degree of detail that underscores this exceptional speaker system.