The Power-XR is the latest and best performing stereo power amplifier currently available from Cyrus. Being a part of the high-end XR series, it offers uncompromising performance, and due to its high current efficiency and extended high frequency response of 100kHz, will drive equally uncompromising speakers with relative ease.

Listeners will immediately observe that the amp is much faster, offers an extremely low noise floor and accurately follows the musical signal fed into it. This results in a musical experience that is far more faithful, yet remains a true Cyrus experience!

As with all compatible XR products, the Power-XR has been designed to benefit from our most advanced external optional power supply – the PSU-XR. This combination works particularly well here as the PSU-XR offers unregulated power as one of its output voltages, and both the power supply of the Power-XR and PSU-XR will work together to boost the power of the power amp section for added control, scale and dynamics of the musical experience.  In this combination, the power in this combination increases from 110WPC to 121WPC (6ohm load).


The wideband power amplifier of the Power-XR responds from D.C. to beyond 100kHz ensuring ruler flat frequency response and keeping any undesirable phase shifts out of the audio band. With a generous, over-specified power supply the Power-XR power amplifier is very capable of reproducing the scale and drama of the musical performance.


Using our largest toroidal power transformer, a massive 408VA of power is delivered to the high capacity internal power supply.


The Power-XR includes a port for the new PSU-XR power supply. The PSU-XR raises the bar by sourcing no less than five independent regulated supplies in a single box. For the Power-XR a pair of these are assigned to provide ultra-smooth power for the voltage amplifier, and a second pair to provide a huge dynamic boost for the power amplifier.