Audio Analogue ABsolute


Audio Analogue ABSOLUTE, le meilleur ampli intégré analogique jamais construit


Absolute… the essence of this integrated amplifier is perfectly revealed in its name. The most ambitious project of Audio Analogue after more than 25 years of history and
certainly the best way to celebrate such an important anniversary.
A unique amplifier that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the refinement of pure class A sound or the power of class AB simply touching a button.
High level audiograde components, selected to optimize the performance of the amplifier in both modes of use.
Massive shapes, which combine the extreme cleanliness and elegance of the solid design, characterized by heavy heatsinks machined from solid aluminium, which in
addition to being unique pieces are a perfect example of the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship.
Powerful, versatile, refined, extremely musical… all this is ABsolute, an amplifier that creates a new reference in the world of high-end high fidelity.

Audio Analogue “ABsolute”

THE absolute amp!

Nos amis italiens nous ont pondu un ampli intégré “absolu”, un produit exceptionnel et sans nul doute le meilleur ampli analogique intégré que nous n’ayons jamais eu entre nos mains (et oreilles)

Switchable en Pure Classe A 2×50 Watts ou Classe A/B 2×150 Watts.

Quand notre ami Giuseppe Blanda, il capo de Audio Analogue, est venu nous faire écouter son monstre, il avait les yeux qui brillaient… et dès les premières notes de musique, nous avons avons compris pourquoi!

Giuseppe Blanda et son bébé

En mode Classe A, donc avec les modestes 2×50 Watts annoncés, cet ampli alimente et conduit des enceintes aussi complexes qu’une BOWERS & WILKINS 801 d4 avec une main de fer, dans un gant de velours!

Nous adorons cet ampli sublime et faites-nous confiance, il vous subjuguera vous aussi!

Posso avere un altro espresso per favore?

Global zero feedback circuit designed by Airtech (SEGESTA configuration).

All stages of the amplifier are on independent and fully balanced boards, dual-mono configuration and discrete component circuits.

Power stage with 12 bipolar transistors per channel, filter capacity 81600uF per channel.

Oversized military resistors to minimize thermal distortion.

Audiograde components, microcontroller management.

Volume adjustment with four curves selectable according to the sensitivity of the speakers. LED brightness adjustable on three modes.

Internal wiring with conductors in pure solid copper 7N OCC, golden copper output connectors.

Available in RR version with analog volume attenuation based on relays and resistors for a further improvement in sound performance for all or parameters.

Solid aluminum remote control supplied, finishes available: natural aluminum or satin black.

RCA inputs
XLR inputs
Output power @8Ω
50W(class A)/150W class AB
Output power @4Ω
25W(class A)/300W class AB
Output power @2Ω
12.5W(class A)/500W class AB
Input impedance
47 kΩ
Max input signal
Nominal output power @8Ω
Class A, 50W – 0.5VRMS, Class AB, 150W – 0.87VRMS
Frequency response
Attenuation 0dB, Bandwidth -3dB
Output resistance
Nominal output power @2Ω/1kHz
0.09Ω (class A), 0.14Ω (class AB)
Damping factor
Nominal output power @8Ω/1kHz
89 (class A), 57 (class AB)
Attenuation 0dB/Nominal output power @8Ω A weighted
>93dB(class A), >100dB(class AB)
@10W, 1KHz
< 0.008%(class A), < 0.03%(class AB)
@50W, 1KHz
< 0.02%(class A)
@150W, 1KHz
< 0.05%(classe AB)
Stand-by power consumption