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  • DB-1 Gold
    In celebration of 25 years’ production of the world’s leading professional reference monitors, we are proud to launch the hand...
  • Fact.12 Signature
    More expansive listening environments can benefit from the extra drive offered by the three-way fact.12 signature.
  • Fact.8 Signature
    The fact.8 signature builds on the balanced, engaging sound and life-like imaging of the original fact speakers but takes it...
  • Fenestria
    Design, skill and great beauty meet in PMC’s latest fact model, the engineering defining the aesthetics and the aesthetics defining...
  • Prodigy 1
    Our smaller prodigy loudspeaker is a supreme compact standmount/bookshelf design, ideal for small to medium-sized rooms, yet capable of a...
  • Prodigy 5
    The prodigy5 floorstander is compact but powerful, taking up no more space than bookshelf speakers on stands thanks to a...
  • Twenty.5 Stands
    The dedicated twenty5 stand has been engineered to optimise the imaging, dynamics and overall tonal balance by using a blend...
  • Twenty.5-21i
    Although the twenty5.21i is the most compact model in the new range, there’s nothing small about the sound, which has...
  • Twenty.5-22i
    The more substantial twenty5.22i is designed for use in larger spaces than the 21, and is equally at home on...
  • Twenty.5-23i
    The 23 has proved to be the most popular model in our twenty and twenty5 range of speakers, and the...
  • Twenty.5-24i
    The largest two-way speaker in the range, the twenty5.24i delivers compelling life-like performances with realism, precision, bite and power.
  • Twenty.5-25i C
    The twenty5.Ci features twin g-weave bass drivers and the new twenty5i treble driver in a package designed to provide the...
  • twenty.5-26i
    The flagship twenty5.26i is the largest in the range and features a third driver dedicated to the all-important mid frequencies,...
  • Twenty.5-55i SUB
    Whether you’re savouring your favourite music or movie, the slender twenty5.sub, with its elegant Diamond Black finish, fits discreetly into...
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