Pro-Ject X8 / X8 Evolution Super Pack Quintet Blue


Mass-Loaded High-End Turntable with True Balanced Connection


Technical Specifications

Speed: 33, 45 (electronic speed change)
Drive principle: belt drive
Included phono cable: Connect it E 5P -> RCA, 1.23m
Aluminium feet: Height adjustable & TPE damped
Platter: massive 5,1 kg lathed aluminium & TPE damped
Platter bearing: inverted with ceramic ball tips and magnetic support
Wow & flutter: 33: ±0,11%; 45: ± 0,10%
Speed drift: 33: ±0,11%; 45: ± 0,09%
Signal to noise: 73dB
Tonearm: 9“ one-piece carbon-fibre tonearm
Effective arm length / mass: 9“ (230 mm) / 8,5 g
Overhang: 18mm
Included accessories: 15V DC / 0,8A power supply, dust cover, 7“ single adapter, felt mat, phono cable
Power consumption: 5W / 0,3 W standby mode
Dimensions lid closed: 465 x 150 x 350 mm (W x H x D)
Dimensions lid opened: 465 x 415 x 420 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 15kg



“A strong performer straight out of the box”

UK, 02.2023

• The X8 offers you more than a glimpse of high-end performance in a ready-to-enjoy package, avoiding the very high price, and potential complexity, that an uber-upgrade might entail.



Jamie Biesemanns

“This duo is a superb demonstration of a fully balanced analogue front-end”

UK, 11.2022

• The exceptionally low levels of noise are superb and help this duo deliver one of the most airy and three-dimensional performances at the price.


Ed Selley

“Pro-Ject has really come up with a winner here”

U.S.A., 9.2022

• You’d have to look pretty hard to find a turntable at this price point that can match or beat this!




Michael Fremer

“There were simply no shortcuts taken here“


• It is heavy, it is dense, and it has a purpose: eliminating vibrations and resonance at all costs.

• There were simply no shortcuts taken here, just as there were no compromises with the table’s tone-arm. 

• The 5-pin DIN connector also opens up the option to connect to a balanced preamp that can handle it like the Phono Box S3 B.

• There was a nice wide sound stage – there was no absence of clear sonics in the highs.

• The bass response was solid and had weight. Chimes and strings had sparkle.

  When looking at the caliber of the tone-arm alone on the new X8, it is difficult not to recommend this piece.

  I assure you it will be worth your time to see this new piece in person.




Chris Daniels

„A particularly coherent incredibly strong sounding player for the price“

Germany, 05.2022

• These established high-end players share a certain basic characteristic that always reminds me of large tape machines, rather than turntables when I listening to them.

• The X8 adopts platters and bearings almost 1:1 from the Xtension 9, as well as the motor. In other words, the entire turntable powertrain.

• We are impressed by the powerful, quiet flow of this player.

• Rock solid defined pitch, undisturbed stable decay, a very powerful, but at the same time agile bass.

• If you own one of the new balanced phono stages, you can swap the cabling to balanced XLR cables in no time at all.

• In any case, you won’t hear the Quintet Blue as cleanly and with as little distortion as in the 9cc Evo almost anywhere.

• The Pro-Ject X8 draws its power from its simple, but massive and precise drive. You get the feeling while listening, and I rarely write this, very close to the majestic sound of a master tape.




Bernhard Rietschel

“Pro-Ject hits the bull’s eye“

Germany, 08.2022

• Guitar strings glisten like dewdrops in the sun and synthesizer clouds hang like wisps of mist in front of the listener, seem freed from a certain constriction, breathe a sigh of relief, so to speak, when the 9CC EVO, especially stiff and adjustable in every direction carbon tonearm was connected to the DS3 B via XLR cable.

• The duo revealed itself in a mixture of relaxed, laid-back pose and delicate fine-tuning of the colour shades as well as in the equally discreet and concise flickering of the strings of the track aiming directly at the mind. Here, too, the reproduction had more air, expansion and natural swing when XLR connections were used.

• Thus, Pro-Ject’s “balancing act” turns out to be a high-class and risk-free feat on the high wire of analogue technology.

• Not only because of the high-quality MC-sampler as part of the SuperPack, the X8 definitely sounds like a higher class, namely emphatically clear and orderly, colourful as well as dynamically on the point.

• The discrete signal processing delivers a wide-ranging, detailed, and homogeneous sound image with tight bass and outstanding liveliness. And the price is also excellent!


Matthias Böde

“A combination of the class “price-performance hit” “

Germany, 07.2022

• It could well be that this phono setup for under 3000 euros beats expensive luxury sets costing multiple times more.


Lothar Brandt

“A record player for the most demanding customers“

Germany, 06.2022

• Its smooth flow and bass dynamics put it in the ranks of the truly great players.

• The Pro-Ject X8, on the other hand, surpasses even optimistic expectations of a turntable of its type.

• It lets the music spring from an almost magical calm, with full dynamics and natural power.

• Everything is just right: super-fine, almost lovingly drawn is the chime and marimba loop that underpins almost the entire piece. Juicy-tight, with good punch and bass drum kicks.

• This has juice, power, and psychedelic, shimmering expansiveness. You feel like you‘re right in front of the stage, in the middle of the audience.

• Even nasty impulses and fractious sibilants sound clean as a whistle from the speakers.

• The X8 is a player from the top of the extensive Pro-Ject range. Arm, drive, and motor come, with small simplifications here and there, from the top models.



Bernhard Rietschel

“In this price range, this performance is hard to beat”

Germany, 07.2022

• The big surprise is the balanced phono preamp – in combination with the solid mass drive plus Ortofon pickup, you get a lot of music for your money.



Holger Barske

“A true high-end solution”

France, 05.2022

• The X8 turntable is a true high-end solution with major technical features adapted from Xtension 9 and 10.



Mass-Loaded High-End Turntable with True Balanced Connection

The X8 – Xtension 9 and 10 within reach

The X8 is our most affordable mass-loaded turntable yet. Positioned neatly between the X2 and Xtension 9, the X8 adopts and breaks down its bigger siblings’ features to make mass-loaded high-end design principles as accessible as never before.


The X8 offers a heavy, TPE damped mass-loaded platter precision lathed from a single aluminium block and finely balanced. On the Xtension 9 and 10 you cannot really play around with using different mats due to the glued on vinyl top. The X8 comes with a standard felt mat, also allowing you to experiment with different material mats in the future and tailor the sound to your taste.


A neodymium magnet decreases the load on the ceramic tipped bearing. Considering the massively heavy platter, this leads to a smoothly rotating base for your vinyl records and perfect speed stability.

The X8 inherited the massive MDF chassis and the top-of-the-line Pro-Ject 9cc EVO carbon tonearm from its larger siblings. The height-adjustable X8 features machined aluminium feet. The TPE damping technology in the feet effectively decouples the X8 from the surface it is placed on. The feet are a great choice for a more budget orientated turntable as they are faster and easier to set up than magnetic feet on the X9/10, and also require less maintenance.

True Balanced Connection

We’re launching a whole line of new “True Balanced Connection” components that feature a balanced connection for your phono setup. The X8 is our first turntable to feature this new phono technology.

Turntables look back on a long history. Over time, many things have changed, not only from technical possibilities, but also from the environment. Wireless networks are omni present and countless electronic devices make your home „smarter“. This means there are now a lot of additional electromagnetic fields, which could interfere with your turntable‘s signal. This was simply not the case 30 years ago. To ensure the best connection to your phono preamplifier we designed our „True Balanced Connection“.


Balanced audio connections are usually known from the professional sector like recording studios or live concerts. It is very important to have a stable & interference free connection, as these signals will be highly amplified. The same applies to the connection from your turntable to the phono preamplifier. The big advantage of a balanced connection is its ability to remove picked up noise and interferences. And best of all, cartridges by nature are already balanced signal transducers! With True Balanced your are simply using everything, literally everything, that your cartridge is picking up from the record groove. You are not throwing away half of the usable signal, like is done in typical single-ended RCA phono connections.

The X8 comes with a 5pin output jack and with our standard semi-balanced Connect it Phono E 5P -> RCA cable. By upgrading it to our fully balanced 5P to XLR version (available separately) and using a balanced phono stage, like our Phono Box DS3 B or any of our RS/RS2 phono stages, you are fully set-up for the True Balanced experience. This leads to increased dynamics, less noise and improved signal to noise ratios. You can imagine it, like hearing parts of your music that literally were not there before.

Unleash the full potential! Upgrade your phono cable to a Connect it Phono CC 5P/XLR for a True Balanced Connection to our Phono Box RS2 or our new Phono Box DS3 B.

Connect it E 5P

Included with your X8: Semi-balanced Premium RCA Phono Cable

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Connect it CC 5P/XLR

The True Balanced Connection Upgrade Cable

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A New Access to High-End

Ortofon Quintet Blue

Ready for True Balanced Connection

The X8 comes factory set with or without an Ortofon Quintet Blue. This cartridge will perfectly set you up for the True Balanced experience!

Mass-loaded platter

5.1kg heavy

TPE damped, mass-loaded platter precision lathed from a single aluminium block and finely balanced.

Inverted bearing

Stainless Steel Spindle

The inverted platter bearing is supported by a neodymium magnet that decreases the load on the ceramic tipped bearing.

Mass-loaded Chassis

Carbon tonearm

The X8 inherited the massive MDF chassis and the top-of-the-line Pro-Ject 9cc EVO carbon tonearm from its larger siblings.

Metal Feet

Damped & height adjustable

The three height adjustable damped aluminium feet guarantee the perfect stand & massively reduce risk of acoustical feedback.

33/45 RPM

Precision controlled

Switch speeds at the push of a button and enjoy stable and accurate speeds due to the built in electronic speed control.

True Balanced

Unleash the full power

The X8 is ready for our new True Balanced Connection. Single-ended RCA connections, quite literally, only use half of your cartridge’s output. With one of our new True Balanced phono cables wired to a Phono Box S3 B, Phono Box DS3 B, Phono Box RS or RS2 you’ll be able to hear your MC cartridge in its entirety!

Handmade in EU

Since 1991

Made in Europe by a turntable factory with decades of experience. Expert craftsmanship dwells deep within the X8.

Available in three luxurious finishes!

High Gloss Piano Black

High Gloss White

finish color image

Real Wood

finish color image


Manual [pdf]


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Pro-ject X8, Pro-ject X8 Evolution Super Pack Quintet Blue