Hegel P20


Hi-End Pre Amplifier
The P20 is our entry-level preamplifier and offers an affordable door into the Hegel Reference line of products. Designing the P20 was not a task we took lightly. Many of the ideas and concepts were taken from its bigger
brother. Although scaled-down, many of the good characteristics remain – the enormous soandstage, the deep rhythmic bass response, the perfect timing… In short, the sense of being there with the performers.
The P20 comes with a high-quality system remote control, milled out of one solid piece of aluminum. It has the same bead blasted and anodized surface finish as the preamplifier itself. You can really feel the quality of each
part of the P20; not only hear it. There is a total of 5 regular inputs. Both balanced and unbalanced. In addition, a special Home Theatre input allows integration in Home Theatre systems. Finally, there are both balanced and
unbalanced outputs as well as a fixed line-level output.
The idea behind the P20 was, as mentioned, to offer a more affordable entry into our line of separates. But most of all, it was to set a new standard of price and performance in preamplifiers. Something we think we have
achieved. The preamplifier is perhaps the most delicate unit in a sound system. Because the signal levels are so low, even the tiniest levels of noise or distortion smear the image and mask the small details that enliven the music.


Remote Control (Features) Volume, Signal Source, Mute via Hegel RC2
Input 2 x XLR balanced, 3 x RCAunbalanced and homecinema input
Outputs 1 x XLR-Out (balanced) and 2 x Cinch-Out (unbalanced)
Connections 3,5-mm-IR-Direct Out, 3, 5-mm-Jack socket for 12V-Trigger-Out
Signal-to-noise ratio More than 130 dB in balanced Mode
Crosstalk < -100 dB
Distortions < 0,005 %
Intermodulation distortions
< 0,01% (19 kHz+20 kHz)