Pro-Ject The Classic Evo


Sub-chassis turntable with 9“ carbon/alu sandwich tonearm

The Classic meets the 175 VPO to melt design-ideas

Speed 33, 45, 78 (electronic speed change)
Drive principle belt drive
Platter 300 mm aluminium
Mains bearing stainless steel
Wow & flutter 33: ±0.10 % 45: ±0.09 %
Speed variance 33: ±0.13 % 45: ±0.10 %
Signal to noise 70dB
Tonearm 9” carbon/aluminium sandwich tonearm
Effective arm length 230 mm
Effective arm mass 13.5 g
Overhang 18 mm
Tracking force 10 – 30mN
Included accessories 15 volts DC / 0.8A power supply, dust cover
Power connection 110/120 or 230/240 Volt – 50 or 60 Hz
Power consumption 5 watt max / < 0.5 watt standby
Dimensions 462 x 131 x 351 mm (WxHxD) lid closed
Weight 10.5 kg net

Hi-Fi Choice tests turntables from £1250–£1600

UK, 09.2020

“Pro-Ject decks target style, engineering and value, and this one has a good measure of all three.”

… It looks and feels reassuringly expensive despite being this gathering‘s joint least costly


… the Pro-Ject is a class act with sound that in some respects, recalls that of an earlier era –

a wholesome, mildly rose-tinted presentation…

… the first podium place goes to the Pro-Ject, which cannily mixes elements to create a warm,

embracing analogue experience that covers all the bases and is impossible to resist…



David Vivian

hi-fi news reviews The Classic Evo

UK, 02.2020

It does what it says on the tin. It’s an impressive package.



David Price, Paul Miller

Hi-Fi Choice reviewed The Classic Evo

UK, 05.2020

A superbly conceived update that keeps the positive qualities while boosting performance.


Ed Selley

The overall production quality is very impressive

RUS, 03.2020

“…the damping of the turntable for this price point is excellent.”

“This classic design is great and aimed at Hi-Fi enthusiasts – you can adjust and calibrate all tonearm variables you need.“




Valery Bykovschenko

The Classic EVO is the much better player

DE, 10.2020

The Classic EVO interprets small ensembles in an enchantingly intimate way: With good recordings, the voices are almost physically and vividly in the middle, the stage-depth is enormous.

But this plus in resolution, in height, in defined space makes the surcharge for The Classic EVO more than sensible.

The Classic EVO is a very good offer.




Andreas Günther


Manual [pdf]

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The new Classic Evo is based on the successful EISA Award winner Pro-Ject The Classic. The main improvement is the sub-platter, where we used the experience we gained from designing the 175 – Vienna Philharmonic Recordplayer to add key changes to the Classic Evo. The main bearing construction we use is a similar system as the one on the Vienna Philharmonic Recordplayer. For improved comfort, an electronic speed change was built in, which lets you switch from 33 to 45 rpm (and vice versa) with the push of a button. Compared to the old Classic, we improved the subchassis; we tried to make it heavier and stiffer to reduce resonances. Isolating the platter and tonearm from the resonances of the motor and main plinth is the target. The heavy aluminium main platter construction utilises advanced thermo plastic elastomers (TPE) for optimising resonance behaviour.

The tonearm tube is made out of a sandwich of carbon and aluminium: carbon for stiffness and speed, alu for better damping. The bearing has been upgraded to the same type that is used on our Pro-Ject CC EVO tonearms. It facilitates frictionless vertical and horizontal movement, guaranteeing precise tracking across the entire duration of the record. The counterweight incorporates a TPE* damper which allows us to reduce the amplitude of the tonearm cartridge resonance frequency by 50%. As typical for Pro-Ject we offer also azimuth and VTA adjustment to use a variety of cartridges.

We supply as standard the Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge. As the tonearm offers excellent damping and flexibility as well, its effective mass can be called middle heavy, so it is a very good partner for MC cartridges.



In the box:

  • The Classic Evo with Ortofon 2M Silver
  • Connect it E RCA Cable
  • Dust cover
  • Felt mat
  • Adapter for 7“ singles
  • Round drive belt for 78 r.p.m.
  • Power supply, allen key, stylus pressure gauge