Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono


T2 Super Phono

Audiophile Entry Level Turntable


T2 Super Phono: The New Challenger

The T2 Super Phono sensibly enhances our critically acclaimed T1 formula, introducing many new audiophile features, setting new standards in its new price-range.

T2 Super Phono 3

The T2 Super Phono

Phono Stage

High-Quality MM phono preamp

We wanted a truly stunning phono stage to match and give the T2 Super Phono unrivalled longevity and audio performance. The T2 Super Phono debuts a brand new dual-stage split-passive phono preamp design for that reason!

T2 Super Phono 1

Sumiko Rainier

MM cartridge

This cartridge skillfully places instruments & vocals right where they belong – hand-crafted in Japan!

T2 W 7



The T2 Super Phono comes with a brand new adjustable spring-based anti-skating mechanism that optimizes its performance

T2 W 5

Made In Europe

Commited to longevity & sustainability

Made in Europe by a turntable factory with decades of experience!

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The T2 Super Phono has a high-quality dual stage split-passive MM phono preamp – as first seen in our critically acclaimed T2 W. Because of the additional PCB space we have on the T2 Super Phono, we were able to improve the design and layout a notch, which gives the T2 Super Phono even more fighting power for longevity and audio performance. And the phono stage can be turned off should you ever want to use MC cartridges on your T2 Super Phono.

T2 Super Phono 2

Choose your finish.

High Gloss Black