Pro-Ject T1 / T1 PHONO SB / T1 BT



A New Generation of Turntable

Audiophile Design Pushed to a New Affordable Level

Let us show you where T1 dwells

T1 (369 EUR)

The Base Model

For people who know what they want. The most cost-effective T1 variation: The base T1 has a direct phono output. Connect to your phono input or phono preamp of choice. Switch between 33 & 45 RPM via manual drive belt change.

T1 Phono SB (449 EUR)

Phono Preamp and Speed Change

More convenience and flexibility: Compared to the base T1-model, the Phono SB version includes a built-in, Pro-Ject designed, high-quality phono MM stage and an electronic speed switch between 33 and 45 RPM.

T1 BT (499 EUR)

Wireless Streaming

A wireless generation: On top of the base model, the T1 BT features a built-in phono stage and a BT transmitter for wireless music streaming to your favourite BT enabled speakers.

Technical Specifications

Speed 33, 45
Speed variance 33: 0.7% – 45: 0.6%
Wow & Flutter 33: 0.25% – 45: 0.23%
Motor control system Precision generator
Platter Heavy 8mm, blasted-glass platter with felt mat
Main bearing Stainless steel/brass
SNR 65dB
Tonearm 8.6” aluminium
Effective arm length 218.5mm
Overhang 22 mm
Effective tonearm mass 8.0 g
Counterweight for mass 5 – 10 g
Tracking force range 0 – 50mN (17.5 mN pre-adjusted)
Included accessories Dustcover, feltmat
Dimensions 415 x 100 x 335mm (WxHxD)
Weight 3.8 kg net




EISA Best Product 2020 – 2021

Pro-Ject has been building turntables for around 30 years and has virtually reinvented the market of quality-oriented budget turntables with the first Pro-Ject 1 and the later debut models. The T1 may be considered the current interpretation of this line and audiophile analog package with top sound at a low price. Pro-Ject offers versions from the absolute basic to versions with integrated phono preamplifier or wireless Bluetooth transmission. Always on board are the sturdy chassis, a high-precision bearing for the glass platter, and the newly developed aluminum tonearm made from one piece. Thus, the T1 achieves an extremely balanced, detailed sound image, where Ortofon’s ready-made pre-installed MM pickup OM5E underlines the plug-and-play approach.


Hifi Pig reviews the T1 Phono SB

UK, 11.2019

The Pro-Ject T1 SB Phono is versatile and very easy to install in a number of different systems, from a
beginner‘s first Hifi to something more advancecd. Definitely something I will consider buying for his first system in his room.


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Paul Hoskin

avforums reviewed the T1

UK, 05.2020

This is an invigorating listen that can get more out of your records than you might reasonably expect at this price point. This is a seriously good record player for under £300.



Original review:

Premium Materials – Stylish Aesthetics – Rich & Lively Sound

Audiophile Engineering. No Plastic.

The stylish CNC-machined wooden plinth features no plastic parts and is carefully manufactured to ensure there are no hollow spaces inside, therefore avoiding unwanted vibrations within the chassis. Carrying this philosophy through the design, the glass platter is also a heavy, zero-resonance design – again avoiding the flaws of plastic or lightweight steel alternatives.

Audiophile To The Point

Ortofon OM5E

Elliptical stylus for detailed response

Supplied with an Ortofon OM 5E Moving Magnet cartridge, featuring an elliptical diamond stylus tip; this is a true hi-fi playback system with no corners cut.

Connect it E

Semi-balanced phono cable

The T1 comes with our super shielded, semi-symmetrical, low-capacitance phono cables, purpose-designed by Pro-Ject specifically for turntables – not off-the shelf RCA cables.

Made in EU

A new affordable marvel

Made in Europe by a turntable factory with decades of experience, it is a true hi-fi turntable that looks and sounds sublime.


The T1 comes in three different versions. Choose what’s right for you!



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