Pro-Ject Colourful Audio System


Colourful Audio System


True Analog HiFi Stereo System

Debut Carbon EVO, Speaker Box 5 S2 & MaiA S3 with Connect it LS S2 & Damp it

The Colourful Audio System Offers It All.

True HiFi Stereo

Sound Stage of a Live-Concert


Warm Sound Experience


Wireless Hi-Res Bluetooth


TV, radio, CD player, etc.

Timeless Design

In Beautiful Colours


Guaranteed Spare Part Availability

Handmade in EU

Assembled by experienced technicians

A real stereo sound stage.

In the Box.

Debut Carbon EVO

Famous best buy turntable

The new Debut Carbon EVO features the proven 8,6‘‘ one piece Carbon tonearm design. In combination with the premium Ortofon 2M Red cartridge the super stiff, but lightweight tonearm delivers an insane sound quality with a convincing sound stage.

MaiA S3

Micro HiFi amplifier incl. streaming

This stylish amplifier offers low noise and solid output power for audiophile playback. Additionally a subwoofer or another power amplifier can be connected. A headphone 6,3mm connection is also provided. The included remote control makes usage a piece of a cake.

Speaker Box 5 S2

Matching 2-way monitor speaker

The noble satin finish or real wood veneer is now coming to a limited edition of our beloved Speaker Box 5 S2.

Damp it

Special damping feet

Special rubber feet for optimal isolation of the the speaker from the turntable. A must when turntable and speaker are on the same level.

Connect it LS S2

2x 3m high quality speaker cable

Connect it LS S2 is a high quality speaker cable, consisting of four 0,96mm² Solid Core conductors with circular array geometry.

All Made in EU

A sustainable marvel

Made in Europe by factories with decades of experience. A truly sustainable hi-fi stereo system that looks and sounds sublime.

Debut Carbon EVO

The heart of the set. Our most popular
turntable design improved in every aspect.

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MaiA S3 in Black

Micro HiFi amplifier incl. streaming

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Speaker Box 5 S2

Limited Satin Colour Edition

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Satin Golden Yellow

Satin Steel Blue

Satin Fir Green

Satin White

Satin Black