Pro-Ject Debut Pro


After the Debut Carbon EVO revolutionized the Debut series in 2020, the Debut PRO raises the bar even higher. We designed not only a new turntable but also a completely new cartridge. Now, for the 30th anniversary, we are again going back to our roots.

Debut PRO

Our 30 years anniversary turntable


The Debut PRO brings an absolutely new design to Pro-Ject turntables. The audiophile turntable is convincing in all respects – not only visually, but more importantly also in terms of sound.

The precision CNC milled parts are optically perfectly coordinated and lead the Debut PRO to its modern simple, elegant and unprecedented design. The nickel finish of all these aluminium components result in a hard, resistant surface. This process enables us to produce very high-quality and sustainable components and avoid plastics and similar materials that continue to age over time and would more importantly also degrade sound quality.




The new Debut PRO features a one-piece carbon-aluminium sandwich tonearm. The carbon layer gives the tonearm a high degree of rigidity, while the inner aluminium tube takes over the damping of the tonearm. This makes the tonearm perfect to be upgraded with higher-end MC cartridges!

The tonearm bearing is a completely new design. Precision CNC’d out of a single block of aluminium, you can see all the production stages above. The last step is putting a nickel finish on it. This will increase the rigidity of the bearing, ensuring free and fluid movement of the tonearm and precise tracking without material degration in looks or function.

Deeply driven

The electronically regulated synchronous motor drives the platter and guarantees the most accurate and stable speeds. Change between them easily with the toggle switch. With the supplied round belt for 78 rpm you can also listen to your shellac records.




The new Debut PRO platter is a first on any Pro-Ject turntable. It features a notch for the record label and together with our Record Puck PRO (available separately) the puck’s weight will press your record tightly against the platter. The die-cast aluminium platter is reworked and precision balanced in an extra step to obtain an evenly spinning platter. It is anti-magnetic, allowing MC cartridges to work properly. Delve deep into the vast upgrade path the Debut PRO has to offer!

The anti-magnetic heavy aluminium platter has a ring made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) on the inside that helps to dampen all resonances and minimizes wow and flutter. Our seperately available Record Puck PRO provides an extra level of damping and stability, so it is the perfect add-on for the Debut PRO.


The newly designed tonearm base allows you to adjust both the azimuth and the vertical tracking angle (VTA). The tonearm height can be continuously adjusted by loosening the two grub screws. These settings give you the option of adapting the tonearm to height changes allowing the use of different turntable mats or other cartridges to always achieve the best sound quality. Setting and experimenting with the VTA & Azimuth is crucial in extracting every last bit of performance out of your cartridges.

PRO Features

Pick it PRO

Lively and robust sound

The perfect combination of components is the key to achieve the great sound of the Pick it PRO.

Nickel Coating

Sustainable components

The nickel finish of the aluminium components results in a hard, resistant surface.

Hybrid Tonearm

Carbon Aluminium Sandwich

This super stiff and uniquely dampened tonearm ensures perfect tracking of the record groove.

VTA & Azimuth

Fully adjustable

The Debut PRO comes with fully adjustable Azimuth & VTA. It offers you the possibility to modify your turntable as you want it.

33/45/78 RPM

High precision motor control

The playback speeds are electronically controlled with precision, which guarantees the most accurate and stable music reproduction. Change between speeds easily with the toggle switch.

Bearing block

Complete new design

The precision CNC milled and nickel coated tonearm bearing parts are completely new and designed just for the PRO.

Special Platter

TPE damped & anti magnetic

The heavy aluminium platter has a ring made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) on the inside that helps to dampen all resonances and minimizes wow and flutter.

Metal Feet

Damped & height adjustable

The three height adjustable damped aluminium feet guarantee the perfect stand & massively reduce risk of acoustical feedback.



EISA Best Product 2021 -2022

 Launched to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, this very refined version of Pro-Ject’s entry-level turntable comes with a raft of improvements, not least of which is a new one-piece alloy/carbon fibre tonearm. The platter is now more heavily damped and non-magnetic, the suspension of both arm and motor have been enhanced, and a new Pick it Pro cartridge comes pre-fitted for near instant set-up and use. Described as ‘the ultimate expression of the Debut concept’, it sounds assured and involving – it’s an absolute knock-out and a new champion for the entry-level.


“One of the very best pound-for-pound turntables around”

UK, 11. 2022

The build, the finish, the specification, and, most importantly of all, the performance all go to make the Debut Pro one of the very best pound-for-pound turntables around.





Simon Lucas

“One of my top turntable choices under £1000“

UK, 02.2022

• The low noise from this turntable was remarkable.

• I found the PRO’s midrange to be super smooth – almost romantic in its approach – no grit or harshness in the mid-band at all.

• The soundstage was wider and more open.

• I could more easily follow the fingerpicks of the guitar, which were delicate, quiet and quiet and subtle in their presentation.

• Bass is handled well by the PRO in its naturalistic manner.

• The PRO leaves nothing in the groove – no detail is lost here.

• The Pro-Ject Pick it PRO sound offers more Ortofon SPU-like sound.

• The PRO has some extra weight in the lower frequency region.



Paul Rigby

“Surprisingly subtle, yet powerful player”

UK, 01.2023

• Not every record player is capable of giving naturalistic timing the sort of apparently effortless expression the Debut PRO can.



“Best Value Turntable”


It‘s more engaging to me…


• From the Pro-Ject Debut PRO, we get a more forward presentation, better extension on top, more front-to-back soundstage depth.

• Pro-Ject showed talents in better layer separation.

• …more evident textural information – the surface of instrument‘s sound…

• The tone sounded better: The Pro-Ject gives us a slightly punchier low end – better sub-bass reach.

• The Pro-Ject has a greater sense of avidity – sound more alive, it sounds more spritely, it has more verve, more energy.

• It has more bounce it sounds keener – it’s more eager to please.



John Darko

“The Debut PRO is a knock-out”

U.K., 09.2021

  There’s no escaping it: the Debut PRO is easy to adore. I had it up and running in 15 minutes.

  In fighting form, the most staggering element of the Debut PRO to my ears was the solidity and extension of the bass.

  As for his guitar work, speed and attack are as much about the experience as the fluidity, however mutually exclusive the two might seem. The Debut PRO – and, for that matter, the Pick it PRO – managed to balance the two.

  The warmth in the voice defied the technology of the phono stages, vivid and apparent whether through all-valve or solid-state step-ups. 

  The sound was ethereal yet palpable.

  ‘Entry level’ has a new champion.



Ken Kessler

“’Entry level’ has a new champion“

UK, 04.2022

• You will have this turntable fully optimised for your system in no time.

• Even in stock form, the Debut PRO joins the best sub-£1,000 front-end combos.

• This extracts all the weight of ultra-expressive lower registers.

• The Debut PRO is a more-than-competent deliverer of richness in all areas.

• Speed and attack are as much about the experience as the fluidity, however mutually exclusive the two might seem. The Debut PRO – and, for that matter, the Pick it PRO – manage to balance the two. 

• ‘Coherent’ replaces ‘competent’ in our summation as this deck certainly earns its suffix, ‘PRO’ being less of a conceit and more a statement of intent.

• The Pick it PRO extracts each of the three voices in their own sonic turf, blending them with such authority that we end up digging out a copy on open-reel tape for comparison purposes. 

• The most staggering part of the Debut PRO is the solidity and extension of the bass.


Steve Sutherland

“Ignore this one at your peril. Highly recommended.”

UK, 09.2022

• We particularly like the care taken over the finish of the tonearm bearing housing with its smart Nickel-plated metal parts.

• Once up and running it delivers an impressively crisp and detailed sound for the money.

• It’s a musically convincing presentation, one where each instrument dovetails beautifully to add to the experience.

• This Pro-Ject is terrific at digging deep into the production and revealing layers of instrumental textures that most at this level ignore.

• The Debut Pro produces a stable and controlled sound too, one that retains its composure even when the music becomes dense and demanding.

• The Debut Pro doesn’t flinch, delivering the music’s drama superbly.

• Stereo imaging proves admirable too, the Pro-Ject rendering a suitably spacious and layered soundstage that retains its stability and precision regardless of musical complexity.

• The Pro is the most ambitious and sophisticated Debut model we’ve heard. It is a superb-sounding package that’s built well and is easy to set up.




The Debut PRO absolutely shines

USA, 01.2022

• The PRO looks like a higher-end turntable than its asking price would have you believe.

• This is an incredibly well-balanced sounding turntable – one that definitely puts a premium on sounding good across a wider range of source material.

• The PRO definitely has what I can only describe as a mildly warm and smooth midrange presentation.

• Highs are relatively airy with good texture and detail.

• In terms of soundstage, the PRO was impressive with respect to its width and depth.

• When it comes to long-term listening sessions – the PRO absolutely shines.

• I like Pro-Ject turntables a lot because stylistically and build-wise they make arguably some of the prettiest turntables on the planet. 



Andrew Robinson

“A real sensation”

Germany, 09.2021

• This record player is a source of untamed energy and joyful playback. 

• Despite all of the pressure in the low frequency range, there is no loss of detail. What sets the Debut PRO sonically apart from the competition is its impressive ability to map the action with a stability that is usually expected from mass-loaded turntables.

• While there are fast, deep and contoured beats in the low end, the voice sounds completely detached. 

• There is not the usual either-or in this price range – the Pro-Ject masters both qualities.

• Every impulse comes through unlimited in this music. This conveys liveliness and high musical credibility. It sounds absolutely realistic.

• The impressive sound that the Pro-Ject creates here is not even always reached by much more expensive turntables.


i-fidelity_highlight-logo.jpg [pdf]


Olaf Sturm

“The LP sounded so much better on the PRO.”

Germany, 10.2021

• The lower inductance, in combination with good phono inputs, provides a higher bandwidth, more balanced high-frequency response and better dynamics.

• The PRO sounds louder and more direct.

• Keeps harmonics more cleanly under control, creating not only more presence and dynamics, but also more harmony.

• The spatial distribution seems more exact and, because of this precision, more generous.

• Drums have noticeably more punch via the PRO, vocals more articulation.

• Overall, the sound simply has more color, presence and power.


Bernhard Rietschel

“Let’s get this party started”

Germany, 01.2022

• At the end of the Debut PRO‘s tonearm you‘ll find the “Pick it PRO“ cartridge that is specially manufactured and tuned for Pro-Ject . An MM system with high dynamic range that promises audiophile qualities.

• In direct comparison with other turntables in this price range, the solid foundation laid out by the Debut PRO is remarkable.

• Through the deep, black backdrop that the Debut PRO sets up, however, the track shines even more beautifully.

• The piano’s keyboard and its impact resonate naturally through our listening room.

• The microdynamics are remarkable for an MM pickup. But again, it is most beautiful when the rhythm section finally kicks in after the long piano intro. 

• The sonority and grip of the bass is truly heartwarming and touching.



Johannes Strom

“A well-rounded package at a very good price“


• The Debut PRO absolutely impresses from the workmanship over the measured values up to the sound.


Alexander Rose-Fehling

“Hear more in the music”

• What you still need to do yourself – remove protective materials and set the right needle pressure – is clearly explained with a visual step-by-step plan. 

• Setting up this turntable was considerably less work than with most players we have tested. 

• Where cheaper turntables dare to come with feather light platters, Pro-Ject offers a heavy aluminium platter that has great damping properties.

• The Pro-ject cartridge offers a bit softer and more rounded treble response.

• Captivating deep bass is transmitted via the Pick it Pro cartridge. No complaints about the dynamic range of this element, as it tackles this genre smoothly.

• It performs without problems at the level of much higher priced components.

• This turntable does an excellent job of creating atmosphere.

• A true wall of sound experience is within the Pick it Pro’s reach, making it a rocker’s delight.

• What the Debut Pro proves to us is that a good analogue source can put more emotion into music than those authentic streams.

• It is dynamically strong. This makes it particularly universal in terms of genres. Rock sounds just as good as classical

• Vinyl enthusiasts will also find adjustment options on the tone arm for azimuth and VTA for example. You don’t often find that at this price.




Jamie Biesemans

“One of the best buys in this price range“

Sweden, 08.2022

• It’s perfect for the music lover with a large or small record collection, and the sound sparkles like a star.

• The cheaper Debut PRO is so close to the sound of an X2 that the PRO model will be a better buy for many.

• It delivers a big enough soundstage with credible depth and potent bass response.

• Acoustic instruments sound free and weightless, and the turntable delivers sparkling guitar tones with good dynamics from the strings.

• The dynamics have noticeably more contrast and the bass is reproduced with greater authority and weight.

• The Pro-Ject turntable brings out the nuances of the vocals with an eerie realism.

• The Pro-Ject Debut PRO is one of the best buys in this price range. Few turntables can match the PRO release’s impeccable qualities.



Lasse Svendsen

Best Product 2021

Poland, 01.2022


Wojciech Pacuła

“Best Turntable 2021–2022”

Czechia, 01.2022


Luboš Horčic

I feel the smell of luxury

RU, 08.2021

• Never seen anything like this in a debut before!

• There has never been anything like this switch – it is very cool. It is made of metal-genius.

• The machine not only plays…but it just starts to sing!

• The difference between a standard budget turntable and this one is enormous. This player could already be called high-end!



Michael Borzenkov

“Puts many more expensive models to shame“

Poland, 10.2021

• Finally I have heard a turntable that does not pretend to be warm, that does not fake precise mass construction, but plays holistically, evenly.

• No matter what record we listen to, no matter what pressing we throw at it, this Austrian turntable will play it very, very well, evenly and naturally. 

• There was rhythm, space, a sense of “contact” with the performers – and that’s what music reproduction is all about, direct access to the artists.

• Its low bass is soft, in a pleasant way, goes surprisingly deep.

• It’s a soft, but naturally mellow bass, which is why the turntable reproduces rhythm perfectly.

• We can hear a sweetening in the treble, a kind of smoothing of the touch.

• However, the compromise between detail and saturation seems excellent to me.

• The Pro-Ject DEBUT PRO is one of the most interesting entry-level turntables I’ve heard in a long time. It has a tonally balanced sound, but at the same time it has “something”, that is, it does not kill the emotions contained in the recordings.

• Pro-Ject has created a complete turntable that plays with excellent, well thought-out sound and puts many more expensive models to shame with its liveliness and naturalness.

• The turntable receives a RED Fingerprint Award from us.




Wojciech Pacuła

“A carefully assembled instrument”

CZ, 09.2021

• Perceived drive noise transferred through the plinth is minimal. 

• Reproduction is precise and spectrally balanced. 

• Bass is precise and undistorted thanks to the suppressed sub-acoustic resonances.

• Great detail at the top end of the spectrum.

• The Pro-Ject Debut PRO turntable is a good-looking, fully functional and carefully assembled instrument from a superb combination of plinth, tone arm and bearing block.


Miroslav Láb

Best turntable 2022

Spain, 10.2021

• Created in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the undisputed turntable’s worldwide leader, this vinyl player shines.


“Energy and expressiveness”

Croatia, 01.2022

• The main feature of the turntable is energy and expressiveness.

• Speed stability is very good for belt drive, as are rhythm control and microdynamics. The tonal balance is almost neutral.

• That all these variations sound so good confirms the great fundamental quality of the drive and tonearm of this turntable.

• In this test, the Debut PRO proved to be an excellent entry-level or upgrade turntable. 

• The build quality is very good, the turntable looks quite luxurious for its price, 

• The high-quality tonearm with the possibility to adjust the azimuth and the vertical angle of the cartridge stands out.

• This is an excellent turntable right out of the box – with great potential for possible upgrades depending on the system in which it is used. 



with 2M White Cartridge, with Pick it PRO Cartridge