Pro-Ject Debut Pro S


Our turntables demand conscious music listening. The Debut PRO S takes this philosophy to the extreme. We finished all parts except for the polished spindle in matte black. The manual controls invite the listener to interact with the turntable: turn it on, place the record on the platter, move and lower the tonearm. The musical reward follows the tactile experience. No unnecessary switches, LEDs, or labeling distract from what is essential.

Technical Specifications


“A greater sense of drawing the listener in“

UK, 10.2022

• Its sound in the Debut PRO S is more refined and detailed than needed for spinning discs in a nightclub.

• The emphasis does remain on producing a dense, massive sound, but it’s one from which dynamic, bright detail still stands out. It’s big and roomy, but always hi-fi.

• The Debut PRO S proved capable of handling big orchestrations, opting for a relatively large scale, weighty portrayal with a palpable sense of depth.

• Individual instruments were also well-defined.

• Listening to some more rock-orientated albums showed this deck and cartridge to be an excellent performer with the genre, thanks to the full-range, full-size sound.

• The Debut PRO S had the timing and resolving ability to play these rousing songs with impressive coherence.

• The Debut PRO S is an enticing package, with a well-designed deck at its core.


Jamie Biesemans

“It has a very exciting sound – I do recommend it”

USA, 11.2022

• I was having a good time with this turntable, and like I said, not just because of the way it sounds but because of the way it feels when you use it – it’s just a really well-thought-out design.



Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophilliac

“It takes the philosophy of sobriety to the extreme”

France, 05.2022

• The musical reward follows the tactile experience.