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Linear USB II info sheet

Since 2004 the Linear has thrilled all music lovers who expect their hi-fi amplifiers to perform at their best also with headphones. Can this success story still be surpassed? Yes, it can – and how!

The Linear USB II comes up with a digital-analogue converter of the latest generation and a fully revised analog board using the high-grade Low-Z Copper technology. Physical, punchy lows and a filigree resolution over the entire frequency bandwidth: you will never again consider your headphones just as a makeshift solution.

Best of both worlds

Keeping an eye on your needs at any time, the Linear USB II delivers an impressive listening enjoyment due to its three gain settings – even with the most diverse headphones on very different sound sources. As a headphone amplifier and preamp it joins the carefully selected components and sophisticated circuitry of our crowd favourite, the Linear, with the digital world.

Enjoy your musical treasures from PC, Mac or even your mobile phone in audiophile quality. The Linear USB II automatically detects an incoming USB audio data stream and does without an input selector switch. For double listening pleasure our new champion is ready to feed two headphones simultaneously and as a streaming preamp, it also spurs on your active loudspeakers to play with amazing vigour.

3S damping feet decouple the Linear USB II from its base and bring about quietness. In every situation a fabulous sound, always striving for perfection – that’s our Linear USB II.


Technical Data

The impressing technical details of the Linear USB II.

Linear USB II


With our accessories you can get even more use out of our products.

Mounting Kit

Mounting Kit


With our mounting kit your Linear USB II mounts quite easily and inconspicuously on furniture and walls.

See our brochure for full details (PDF)


3S Device Feet

3S Device Feet


Our 3S Device Feet take your Linear USB II and your favourite music to a new level.

See our brochure for full details (PDF)



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“The Lehmannaudio Linear USB II is a phantastic sounding pre and headphone amplifier. It adds resolution timbres and spatial imaging to a convincing sound picture – so well that I couldn’t wait until Christmas to buy it.”

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