Bowers & Wilkins Architect Frame for 65 inch TV


Architecht Frame

Bowers & Wilkins Architect Frame

Architect Frame is an innovative integrated audio solution for larger TV screens which has been jointly developed, after extensively research, by Bowers & Wilkins and Mutrox, specialists in acoustic solutions. Often the sound reproduction of such beautiful screens is neglected and downsized. Architect Frame is a high-end sound solution incorporating the Left, Right, Centre and subwoofer, in one structure around the TV.

Endless customisation

Bowers & Wilkins is seeking collaboration with architects and interior designers to facilitate innovative home integrations with added value for the end consumer. The customisation possibilities are endless with Architect Frame. The grilles come in a multitude of modern colors but can also be finished with custom fabrics, as long as they meet the specified acoustic transparency requirements.

Furthermore, Architect Frame comes in a Stereo, LCR and LCR with Subwoofer version to fit 55, 65 and 77 inch TVs. The system is also expandable to a 3D surround sound format or multi room. The big advantage with this solution is the delivery of uncompromised, detailed and natural sound reproduction one would expect to complement a high quality, high-resolution flatscreen TV.